Religious Education 

Registration & Other Fees 
•    1st Child - $25
•    2 children - $40
•    3 children - $55
•    4 children - $65 
•    $10 for each additional child.  All fees include children from the same immediate family 
Wednesday classes are the RCIC classes for those that are older and have not been baptized or received their First Holy Communion.  Fees are as follows
•    $15 extra for each child attending.  

Other Fees
•    $20 for families that are not registered at St. Mary’s.  
•    $15.00 fee will be added for any changes that is requested by parents or guardians after they have registered. 
Classes Times 
Classes are;
•    Sunday mornings;  Pre-K – 5th grade attend  
o    Pre-K – Must be potty-trained and 3 years or older.
o    Kindergarten – 8th grade must register in the same grade as they attend in school unless they jumped a grade ahead, then FHC is 7 years old and Confirmation is 15 years old.
o    If attending the 2nd grade - FHC - First Holy Communion, then 1st grade must have been completed and they must be baptized.
•    Monday evenings from 7:30 pm till 8:30 pm; 6th grade to High School attend 
o    9th (Confirmation Class) – Must have completed 8th grade, been baptized and received first communion.
o    High school students that register and have made their Confirmation, will be helpers in Monday classes unless a request has been made to help with the elementary students. (No Fee for Confirmed HS Students)
•    Wednesday evening from 7 pm till 8 pm;  RCIC -  Rite of Christian Initiation for Children.
o    Classes are for those that are behind schedule in their Sacrament preparation (Baptism, Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist).  They will have to attend classes two days per week and pay the extra fees with less than 4 absents.
Registrations Are;
•    The last weekend of July, and the first two weekends in August following all masses. 
•    We are asking that all students register before the first day of class.  Class usually begins the third weekend of August.  Registrations are closed the weekend prior to Labor Day weekend.
•    We have a maximum of 24 students per class room, once the class is full the student may have to attend another session, this is on a first come first basis.
•    The first class day parents should attend to meet the teacher
Other Information;
•    Students are required to complete two years in order to attend the sacrament classes.  2nd and 9th grades are sacrament years.  It is highly recommended that students attend all grades as it makes it easier for them and they are more prepared to complete their sacraments.  
•    Students cannot miss more than 3 class days in Sacrament and pre-Sacrament classes unless they have medical or emergency and approval from the DRE - Director of Religious Education and teacher.  Please make sure the students are dropped off and picked up on time.  There will be a teacher or administrator on duty until you pick them up.  
•    The office is pleased to accept donations for school supplies.  We use up a lot of supplies during the year.
•    Please remember to NOT park between the construction cones that will be placed in front of the church before and after class.  This is extremely important for the safety of the students, especially during the dark winter evening classes.  You may wait before or after the cones but please park on the right side or preferably in a parking stall in the parking lot only.  

•    Joe & Debra Rodrigues/St. Mary’s DRE - Directors of Religious Education

Thank you and God bless you all for your dedication to our children of St. Mary.


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